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Money, Banking and Finance are essential components of the economic system and your understanding of the dynamics of these elements can affect your entire life. This introductory banking course explores the role and fundamental concepts of money and banks, and also covers the importance of finance in a contemporary economy.The functions undertaken by banks in the mobilization of financial resources as well as the creation of money will also be explored.

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Request for Comments and Suggestions
by Admin User - Monday, 6 June 2016, 4:14 PM


This site is a work in progress and we need your feedback,all contributions would be welcomed.

We say THANK YOU to those who already sent in comments. Please continue to checkout all the features including sharing your thoughts and questions on the Site Blog. 

Let us work together to improve this tool, that is intended to provide a 'learning space' where we all can share and exchange knowledge resources.

Keep the comments coming.

What is the message being conveyed by the picture below? Are there any lessons that we can learn?

Looking forward to your participation.